ALERT: Please note that Lavender Primary school will be closed from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice to all children apart from those of key workers. Please contact the office for more information.

Celebration Assemblies

We may not be in school but that doesn’t stop us celebrating! Ms Corbett has some wonderful pieces of Lavender home learning and news to share. A huge well done to all of you mentioned!

Lavender Videos

Miss Demetriades has the story, ‘But Martin!’ by June Counsel to share with you and a special mention to Sunflower class!
‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers is one of Miss Djelil’s favourite stories. You can hear her reading it here with a special message for Rose class.
Listen to Ms Corbett read one of her favourite stories to you, ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.
Listen to Miss Fordham reading this lovely story, ‘A Tale of Two Feather,’ written and presented by Twinkl.
Keep yourself limber with Mrs Griffiths as she takes you through this routine of stretching exercises.
Mrs Dack has a funny poem to share with you called, ‘Mum Won’t Let Me Keep a Rabbit!’ from the ‘Puffin Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry.’ Can you spot another member of the Dack family listening too?!
Listen to Miss Jacobs share the story, ‘The Prince’s Bedtime’ by Joanne Oppenheim. There’s a very special mention to Cornflower class too!
Mrs Pallikaros shares a poem written by her daughter. She was given the challenge of including different types of figurative language. Can you spot any examples?
Get creative with Mrs C! (aka Mrs Cant) In this video, Mrs Cant shows you how to make a bread mobile. Let your creativity flow by giving it a go!
Watch this arty video where Mrs Monk demonstrates how to make rubbings. She shows lots of different objects. Can you guess what each one is before it is revealed?
Ms Daley shares her versatile recipe for a lemon drizzle cake. The basic recipe she demonstrates can be turned into all sorts of different cakes. Getting cooking with Daley’s dishes!
Listen to Miss Cushnie read an original story written by a member of Marigold class. Well done Isobel for writing such an engaging story!
Mrs Aka-Kwarm is VERY happy she hasn’t had to fill in any pink forms. So happy she’s done a little dance! Can you take up her video challenge?
Mrs Rawding shares the rhyme, ‘Little Mousy Brown,’ that the children in Daffodil class love! Can you join in with her?
Jasmine class! Miss McGrath has a message just for you. She also wants to introduce you to a new friend of hers!
Miss McGrath has bought a new book – ‘Slime’ by David Walliams. She will be reading it in sections over the coming weeks and this is Part 1. (Miss McGrath mentions Jasmine class but she doesn’t mind anyone else listening in too!).
Listen to Mrs Hatch reading ‘The Teeny Weeny Tadpole’ by Sheridan Cain. There is also an update on some very wriggly creatures for Lupin class.
Ready for a workout? Then join in with Mrs Griffiths’ circuit training session here.
Mrs Barnes wanted to say hello to you all and share some things you can do to keep well at this time. There’s also an exciting frog rescue at the end!
Mr Higgins has a lovely message for you Poppy class. Is there someone else there too?
Ms Corbett reads Chapter 1 of, ‘Pugs from the Frozen North’ written by Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.
Fancy trying a smoothie for your breakfast one morning? Watch Miss Keen’s smoothie making video for a whole host of different ideas!
Mrs Hatch is back with an update on the tadpoles she showed in her first video. Here she also explains some of the differences between frogs and toads.
Mrs Finch introduces you to her pet Yoshi in this video. What kind of animal is he? What facts do you learn? Why not create a fact file about Yoshi and ask your teacher to email it to her?
Have a listen to Mrs Monk reading one of the Hairy Maclary stories – ‘Hat Tricks’ by Lynley Dodd. Buttercup class, who can you spot sitting with Mrs Monk listening to the story too?!
Here’s Miss Begum reading the story ‘Big Bear Hug,’ by Nicholas Oldland. Listen out Tulip class for a special message to you too.
Daley dishes is back with another delicious recipe for you to cook-a-long with. This time, something savoury – egg and vegetable muffins. Get cooking!
A short video of Lavender’s bird box outside Lupin class. Can you identify what type of birds are making their home there?
Mrs Finch is really missing singing assemblies with everyone at Lavender. Here she’s teaching a new song called, ‘One Moment, One People,’ by Beccy Owen. Sing it out loud and make Enfield ring with Lavender voices!
Performance Track
Backing Track
Listen to Mrs Finch’s alternative ‘reading’ of this well known Dr Seuss favourite, ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go!’ Maybe you could have a go at ‘reading’ one of your favourite rhyming stories like this!